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Parents and carers, we are here to help you easily incorporate creativity into your child's curriculum!

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  • Printables,templates and info sheets.
  • Presentations
  • Complete lessons
  • Courses
  • Themed lesson sets

Fun,engaging and easy to follow

  • Engaging and educational lessons that develop skill and increase knowledge. Our lessons are pre-recorded or printable and can be worked through at a pace that suits your child.

  • Lessons are aligned to the British National curriculum and are age appropriate.

  • Our lessons are available on a variety of themes and incorporate subjects like science, history, English and geography.

Here for you

  • All of our lessons come with facilitator notes that offer you information about what the lesson is about and additional guidance to help you ensure that your child gets the most from it.
  • Once your child has completed each lesson they can submit a picture of their work and receive feedback, this isn’t obligatory but it can be helpful in boosting a child’s self-esteem and enables us to provide extra help when needed, plus we LOVE to see children’s artwork and individual interpretations of the lessons!
  • A blog full of tips and guidance, helping you bring creativity into your home.

From our blog

Nature scavenger hunt!
Inspire your little ones to get out in nature with our free scavenger hunt printable. With twelve different things to find it is perfect to use in the garden, at the park or on a day out. All of the items are easily found in the UK so your little na...
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Sketch for Survival Junior 2024
A global art initiative in aid of conservation.Be a part of Sketch for Survival Junior by entering a fun art competition which is open to everyone aged 16 years and under.Sketch for Survival Junior helps to raise vital awareness about&...
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Free and fun!
30 brilliant activities that are designed to stretch imaginations, build self confidence and get children to think creatively.This resource is perfect for dipping in and out of, great to get children to focus and perfect as a gap filler for those inb...
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3 quick and creative mood boosting ideas to try with your children today.
Research shows that people feel happier and calmer after taking part in art activities. Doing just a liitle art gives children and young people the freedom to express their feelings, clear their heads and gather their thoughts. To be most effective t...
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D.I.Y. Paper lanterns
These are fun, colourful lanterns that the whole family can enjoy making together.Felt tips add vibrancy but crayons and pencils are also good or if you dare, try watercolour paints!Adding colour requires concentration so making these will keep your ...
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Artist focus - Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most famous Artists in the world where even the least arty people know the name and have seen his work.Like many artists Van Gogh didn't make much money from his art during his lifetime, he struggled, moved around a lot...
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What age should children learn about Art?
Is anyone ever too young to learn about art?I would say no. We surround babies with art on the walls and encourage mark making with little ones, all around the world parents cheer and pin up first drawings.Art is a good thing and it is good to expose...
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The meaning of colours
Image- 'The Old Guitarist', 1904, Picasso (Painted during his blue period, when he was overwhelmed with grief and poverty).Colour choices can hold as much meaning as images or words. Sometimes colour can express what words and pictures cann...
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Be Kind - 5 minute mindfulness activity that the whole family can do
This is a quick mindfulness activity that can be used by all the family to bring a sense of calm. Begin by finding a quite comfortable spot. Then take a few deep breaths and let your body relax.Think of someone you really love and who loves ...
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Mola Art - traditional folk art of Guna Yala Territory
Mola art is created by the Guna Indians on the San Blas Islands of Panama in Central America. It is a traditional stitching technique that has been used for centuries to decorate clothing, in fact the word 'mola' translates to shirt or clothing.Each ...
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Artist focus - William Morris

William Morris was an English designer, artist, poet and social activist. His floral hand painted designs were very popular in his time and were seen as a romantic, whimsical alternative to the easily produced,modern styles that came with the industrial revolution. To this day his designs are sought after around the world, patterns which were originally made for wallpaper, rugs and tapestries can now be found on cups, bags and mobile phone cases!

We have made a range of resources for you to use with your children including pattern packs, presentations, painting lessons and art activities. Enjoy using them!

Photo Pattern Pack

Painting Patterns Art Activity

William Morris Presentation

Portrait Patterns Activity

Pattern Practice Worksheets

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Viking jewellery art activities

"Thank you! This saved me lots of time. Great information and resources - exactly what I was looking for to work with clay."


Tingatinga art introduction

"Thank you so much this has just inspired me and helped me to structure where I am going with my art unit for Year 1 and 2 - very clear and informative."


Aboriginal art presentation

"Absolutely fantastic. Thank you for sharing"