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Get work and study ready with our Functional skills English level 2 online course!

Are you looking for a functional skills English level 2 course that :

  • Is geared for teens.
  • Provides personalised feedback and work-marking to ensure progress and development.
  • Can be done at a pace and time that suits your family best.
  • Is affordable.

If so, then you are in the right place!

Our Functional skills English level 2 course has been developed especially for teens; It assumes no prior knowledge and goes through everything step by step.

The course has been created (and is taught) by experienced English teachers and aims to give young people the English skills they need to work and thrive.

Supported learning

The course includes a blend of pre recorded videos that explain key concepts, online tasks and activities plus short assignments that are marked by us and returned with feedback to ensure learners progress and feel encouraged.

Learners are also able to do marked mock tests when they feel ready.

This course includes everything needed to succeed. When your learner is ready and feels confident enough they can then move on to booking Functional Skills English Level 2 exams through a local test centre or online provider.

A perfect pace

The course can be comfortably completed over a year, sped through or done over a longer period of time- whatever suits the needs of your learner best.

The course is broken down into modules with a different number of lessons in each. Learners can choose how much to do and when, We do not set time limits to complete the course, learners have as long as they need and we will continue to provide support until they reach their learning goals.

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Pay once

  • Tutor support
  • Marked-work with personalised feedback
  • Self paced
  • Mock exams when ready
  • Engaging resources
  • 100% online

What is Functional Skills English level 2?

Functional Skills English level 2 is a qualification aimed primarily at adults that lack ordinary English skills or a qualification in the subject. It provides a way for holders of the qualification to prove that they have the English language skills necessary to navigate everyday life situations, work and study.

There are five levels of Functional Skills English qualifications available; level 2 is the highest level.

As it is a level 2 qualification it is often seen as an alternative to doing IGCSE or GCSE English, particularly by those wanting more flexibility. Most employers and colleges accept it as an alternative (If you have a specific place in mind please do your research and check that it is accepted to avoid any potential disappointment) But most importantly, studying and working towards this qualification enables a learner to develop the reading, writing and speaking skills that are essential for pursuing other interests and future employment opportunities.

Tailored for teens

Adults learn differently and usually have life experience to build on that younger people don't . This is why we have designed a course that has the same outcome but a different method of reaching it.

Our course has been developed with teens in mind and has been written in a way that motivates them to learn and builds knowledge step by step.