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Creativity for all!

Passionate about art and all that it can do, it is our mission to enable all children to understand their world, explore their ideas, stretch their imaginations, process their feelings, develop their communication skills and grow in self confidence - all while enjoying the buzz of making, designing and building a wealth of fantastic creations!

We do this by offering a range of awesome, accessible resources that can be done at a pace that suits your child.

Mini courses

We know that doing art and creative activities helps children to relax, recharge and have space to think. We know that participating regularly builds not only artistic skills but, self confidence and the ability to seize challenges without fear.

With this in mind we have created fun, creative mini courses that include a series of lessons and activities that can be done over a few weeks (days or months if that suits your family better!)

Our online mini courses enable you to help your child(ren) learn about famous artists, art movements, historical art, the elements of art along with developing their creativity and artistic skills too. Oh, and there are also certificates of completion available too!

The founder and the why

Artsiology was originally set up by me, Emma- a mother of four, home educator, early years practitioner and an Art teacher. As I looked for ready made art resources to use with my own children I found that there was a distinct lack of materials that actually taught children how to develop their own skills and think about art, everything was about copying an example and had a generic outcome. I wanted more for my children so began creating my own range of resources that were fun and purposeful. I then began sharing these resources online and it has just gone on from there with worksheets and lessons being used by thousands of children all around the world. Most of my own children are older now but, through Artsiology I hopes to share my knowledge of education and love of creative arts to enable all children, wherever they are or whatever their ability to enjoy the benefits of learning creatively and to reach their full potential.

The team

I am now joined by a small team of people that all have a passion for learning, teaching and creativity. We have all seen many times over the positive difference that art and creativity can make to a child's learning experience and growth in personal development.

We thrive on helping to create a fun and meaningful way for children to experince art and all that it has to offer.

In a world that is forever focused on speed, achieving the Artsiology way is about enjoying the process, taking time and having fun on the learning journey. Join us!